We aim to instigate change at a global level. We seek out the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, creating empowering films that make a difference.

To the Ends of the Earth

300 women take on the challenge of their lives when they venture across the ocean in a bid to save the planet. In a remarkable and daring modern day tale of survival on the seven seas, an ocean advocate and her all-female crew will set sail on a 2-year round-the-world voyage to investigate ocean plastic pollution.

Rise of the Rebellion

A handful of people find their place in the Animal Rebellion activist movement as the arguments around climate change and animal justice reach a fever pitch. Against this increasingly volatile backdrop, they come to believe that civil disobedience / non-violent direct action (NVDA) is the best way to fight for the change they believe in.

Two Packs of Wolves

After successfully reintroducing wolves in Yellowstone National Park, there's ample proof that apex predators are an essential part of a healthy eco-system. Told from the perspective of a female wolf, our film will explore re-wilding efforts in upstate New York and the Scottish Highlands.