We are here to make the planetSHINE one brand at a time

Let's save the planet

We help brands identify their purpose, define their position on sustainability and shout it from the rooftops.

planetSHINE is a creative strategic agency working at the intersection of sustainability, communications and content production. We cut our teeth in the film and advertising industry, decided we wanted a better world and so we perfected our art in the sustainability arena. We now work with brands to help them build a sustainable future though creative strategy, communications and content production.

Planet: the world has to reach net zero by 2050, 15 countries including the UK have now committed to doing so. We can help you define what this means for your brand.

People: 81% of global respondents believe companies should help improve the environment. We can help position your brand to do this.

Profit: Sustainable Development Goals related market opportunities are forecast to be worth at least $12 trillion a year in revenue and savings by 2030. We can help your brand unlock opportunities that lead to growth, longevity and positive impact.