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We work with you to find your story, creating defining moments and memorable campaigns that combine marketing, digital and content strategy with an emphasis on messaging that appeals to 

Twenty First Century global citizens. 

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We collaborate with brands - large and small - charities and not-for-profit organisations all over the world whose mission aligns with ours; to make ethical choices easy, enabling millions of people to live happy and healthy lives, in harmony with the planet. 

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Once upon a time

We are storytellers, filmmakers, media entrepreneurs, digital leaders and environmental activists. 

We merge creativity with science, embracing brands that have big vision and that want to 

positively impact the planet. 

We believe that an authentic story is the key to unlocking opportunities and achieving growth.

Everything we do stems from our mission, which is to empower each and every individual on the planet 

to live ethically and with purpose.

Our values: Compassion | Stewardship | Equality | Inspiration | Empowerment | Entertainment


Rachel McClelland


CEO: Founder of The Planet Shine and executive producer of brand films, music videos and feature length films.

Nil Zacharias


Strategic Advisor (US): Founder, Eat for the Planet. Co-Founder Spire, 80/20 Plants and One Green Planet. 

Mark Downes


 Creative Director: Executive producer and director. Produces the New Directors Showcase in Cannes.

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